Rebkong Shaman Festival

Every summer, the Shaman Festival is held in Repkong, Amdo. This important ceremony honors the local mountain god and requests that he bestows good health on the villagers and a successful harvest on the local community. All of the local villagers participate in the ceremony: women dance, men beat drums, boys perform dramas, and girls show off the traditional dress of the region. The festival is lively and colorful, with everyone dressed in colorful robes. The local mountain god is invited to join the ceremony, and shaman serves as his medium.

Saga Dawa Fish Release

Saga Dawa is a holy month in Buddhism.
During this month people do special efforts to bring happiness to others.
Animal release safes thousands of lives, develops one’s compassion, loving kindness, equanimity and wisdom as well as environmental awareness.
Thousands of fish which were destined to be consumed for food were released back to the nature.
Life of every being is precious!

I took part in this wonderful event in together with SnowLion Tours in June, 2011. It was a great experience to see how hundreds of fish were saved. It felt like their happiness brought happiness to all of the people who joined us.

How to cook Tibetan noodle soup ‘Thentuk’

Wangden and I are cooking Tibetan soup, which is called thentuk’ in Tibetan. Join our cooking class!

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